Champlain Valley Head Start has a number of “internal” resources for families.  The following is a selection of the types of resources available. 

CVHS contracts with a variety of professionals in our community who are available to work with CVHS families as needed.  Families who are seeking more information on specific resources or any not listed below are encouraged to contact their Head Start / Early Head Start staff member, or to contact the CVHS Administrative Office at (802) 651-4180.

Champlain Valley Head Start Parent Handbook:  Each year, CVHS distributes copies of the CVHS Parent Handbook to newly enrolled families.  The Parent Handbook contains information about what makes Head Start special, and general information about program policies and practices.  Please review our Parent Handbook for Classroom or Home Visiting Services.

Pregnancy Services:   Our expectant parent home visiting program provides the support you need, when it works best for you.  CVHS can help with connection to services, health support, infant care education &
ongoing support after your baby is born. Learn more

Registered Nurse Consultants:  CVHS contracts with Registered Nurse consultants.  For Early Head Start, these services focus on assuring prenatal and postpartum support and education, as well as health services for infants and toddlers, and for Head Start these services focus on assuring health exams and medical treatment for preschool children.

Registered Dental Hygienists (“Tooth Tutors”):  CVHS contracts with Registered Dental Hygienists (“Tooth Tutors”) who promote positive oral health practices for Head Start / Early Head Start children and families; improve access to preventive oral health care for this population; work with the dental community to better meet the needs of program participants; and assure that program participants receive any needed follow up treatment to address oral health issues.

Mental Heath Consultants:  Head Start works with mental health professionals and agencies in local communities.  Head Start Mental Health Consultants conduct classroom and group socialization observations to enhance children’s learning environments, provide staff and parent workshops around child mental health, and are available for individual meetings with families to offer help in addressing parents’ concerns and providing appropriate referrals if needed.

Registered Dietitian:  Head Start promotes healthy nutrition for children and families. Head Start conducts a nutrition assessment for every child, provides well-balanced, nutritious meals and snacks for children in classroom options, and incorporates nutrition education into curriculum and services for children and families.  CVHS contracts with a registered dietitian to assist in assessing healthy diet and nutrition for enrolled children and families, and in providing individual and group consultations.