Champlain Valley Head Start (CVHS) serves the following counties in Vermont: Addison, Chittenden, Franklin, and Grand Isle.

  1. What programs does CVHS offer for my child?
  1. How much does it cost for my child and family to enroll and participate in CVHS?
  • All services provided by CVHS are free.
  • However, some services provided by collaborative partner child care centers, such as wraparound full-day care, do have a fee.
  • These fees are not part of CVHS, and are paid to the partner childcare centers for non-CVHS services.
  • Families often receive Child Care Financial Assistance (also known as “subsidy”) to help pay these fees.
  • Click Here for more information about Child Care Financial Assistance/VT Department of Children & Families
  • Assistance is available for filling out the application for financial assistance/subsidy

  1. There is no Head Start classroom listed for my town. Are there Head Start programs available for my child and family?
  • CVHS does not have classrooms in every town. Most of our sites are open to families of any town, within our service area (counties listed at top)
  • Click here for a list of sites and requirements

  1. Does CVHS provide transportation?
  • CVHS does not provide transportation. Head Start staff are available to talk with families about transportation needs and will refer families to resources available in local communities.

  1. When should I submit an application for enrollment?
  • If applying for next school year/September, then it’s best to submit applications as early in the calendar year as possible.
  • However, we accept applications throughout the year and fill spots as vacancies arise.

  1. When will I be notified that my child/family has been accepted?
  • Our first round of acceptance is in early spring
  • We try to notify families as early as possible

  1. How does CVHS decide which children/families will be enrolled?
  • Enrollment decisions are based on child and family need.
  • The two biggest factors are income eligibility and the age of the child.
  • Other family needs may also be used to help prioritize children/families for enrollment

  1. Do you have a waitlist?
  • Yes, CVHS maintains a waitlist throughout the year.
  • Families may choose to have their child on the waitlist for more than one CVHS site/program
  • We will contact you if we have a possible opening for your child

  1. Do you have openings during the school year?
  • Yes, CVHS frequently has openings that occur during the school year.
  • The only way to ensure that your child is considered for an opening is to submit an application so that your child is already on the waitlist

  1. My child will be 3 years old in November – can they enroll this year?
  • For preschool programs: children must be 3 years old by September 1st of that school year
  • For infant/toddler programs: children can enroll up until the child turns 3 years of age
  • A child who turns 3 years after September 1st may be considered for enrollment, at some of our sites, after they turn three, but priority is given to income eligible children who are 3 before the September 1st cutoff date.

  1. My family receives WIC and Medicaid/Dr. Dynasaur – is my child eligible for CVHS services?
  • WIC and Medicaid/Dr. Dynasaur are not qualifiers for Head Start/Early Head Start programs
  • CVHS will need more information about your family and your income before determining if your child and family are eligible
  • Please click here for detailed information about program eligibility

  1. I think my family may be over the income requirements for your program – should I still apply?
  • Yes! But first, give us a call or email us to learn more.
  • Or, fill out our interest form to share your contact information with us
  • Even if you are determined to be over the income requirements, CVHS is able to enroll a limited number of over-income participants. Please reach out to us!