Parents in Head Start are part of a Local Parent Committee affiliated with their child’s Head Start classroom or home-based group. 

Parents come together for Local Parent Committee meetings to talk about their children, Head Start curriculum and activities, community issues, and family issues.  Parents bring to these meetings their knowledge of their own children and the needs of their families, and parents work together to make the Head Start program successful for children and families, to support each other, and to socialize and build community.

Each Local Parent Committee elects one parent delegate and one parent alternate to serve on the Head Start Policy Council.  The Policy Council is similar to a school board or “PTO” for the Head Start program, and Policy Council has a role in the development, review and approval of several specific items including, for example, the hiring of new Head Start staff.  Policy Council is part of the Head Start “governance structure” that includes the Policy Council, Board of Directors, Executive Director and Head Start Director.

These parent leadership opportunities provide parents with valuable experience in planning, implementation and decision-making around program services, activities, and organizational development.  And, these opportunities provide excellent additions to parent résumés and hiring potential, and a perfect springboard for parents to go on to serve on local school boards, PTOs and as advocates within the school system.

For more information, please contact CVHS Family Services Coordinator, Jennifer Fink, at (802) 651-4180 ext. 202.