Your donation supports the continued development of a full array of high quality early education, health, parenting, family service supports, and services to children with special needs.

Your donations to Champlain Valley Head Start are tax-deductible, and your contributions will help children and families thrive. If you have questions about donating online, please contact Sandra Graves at (802) 651-4180, ext. 201.

Here are some ways to make a financial contribution today:

Donate by MAIL with a Check

Write a check today. Monthly, quarterly, annual, or one-time contributions to Champlain Valley Head Start are tax-deductible.

Gifts should be made payable to “Champlain Valley Head Start” and mailed to:

Champlain Valley Head Start
255 South Champlain St., Suite 10
Burlington, VT 05401


The easiest way to give-back, make a one-time or recurring donation to help support the next generation.

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Thank you for investing in the health and success of children and families!