Head Start serves children ages three to five and their families.  

The CVHS Head Start program offers these options in collaboration with several school and childcare center partners in northwest Vermont:

Full-day / Full-year childcare centers

Preschool children receive warm, nurturing care, and early childhood development services, in a local childcare center five full days each week, year-round.  Children and families enrolled in this option also receive monthly contacts with a Head Start Early Care Advocate and home visits twice per year.  This program may be ideal for families with parents who work or attend school full time, and are in need of full day preschool and childcare services.

Four or five day per week, part-day classrooms

Children attend a preschool classroom four or five times each week (mornings or afternoons) from September through June.  This program may be ideal for families looking for a classroom based program for their child which offers more sessions per week, while maintaining the flexibility of a part day program.

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