Head Start is a federally-funded program and we are responsible for making sure we are doing everything we can to help children to grow and do well in school and in life. 

 In order to achieve these goals, Head Start partners with parents to assure that children receive all required services, and we like to let parents know what to expect in terms of parents’ responsibilities in Head Start.

The list below provides examples of several important parent responsibilities in Head Start. 

 Developmental Screenings and AssessmentsIMG_6683

For children who are not currently enrolled in special education services, Head Start conducts a child development screening during the first forty-five (45) days following enrollment.  Parents and Head Start staff work together to determine whether a referral for a more in-depth evaluation is warranted.  For children determined eligible for special education services, Head Start supports parents in the special education process around development and implementation of the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) for infants and toddlers, or the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for children ages three to five.  Your Head Start staff person will talk with you more about how you will play a key role in helping us to understand your child and his/her needs.

 Health Requirements

Up-to-date physical and dental exams for children are a key priority for families and for Head Start programs.  Head Start has federal requirements around children’s physical and dental exams, and we work with parents to assure that all children are up-to-date on all exams, and receive any follow-up health services they need.

Documentation of Health Exams

Federal regulations require that Head Start preschool programs obtain documentation from health care providers indicating that enrolled children have had current physical exams and dental exams.

Making sure children are up-to-date on physical exams and dental exams

Physical Exams:  Head Start works with parents to assure that children are seen by their doctor for regular well-child exams.  The timing and number of exams varies by age.  This schedule of exams is determined by the American Academy of Pediatrics and is followed by all doctors.  We obtain well-child exam records from the doctor you listed on your Head Start application.  If you are not sure if your child needs a well child exam, please call your child’s doctor and ask them.  If they need an exam, make an appointment as soon as possible so it can be completed before school begins!

Kahmiley models dentist wearDental Exams:  Dental care is very important to a child’s overall health, and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that all children begin seeing the dentist at or around age one.  Children should then see their dentist every six (6) months for an exam and preventive care, such as a cleaning and fluoride.  We obtain dental exam records from the dentist you listed on your Head Start application.  If your child has not had a dental exam in the past six (6) months, or has never been to the dentist, please make an appointment as soon as possible and have the exam completed before school begins!

Assistance in finding a new doctor or dentist, or obtaining health insurance:  If you would like assistance in locating a new doctor or dentist in your area, or if you would like assistance in obtaining medical or dental health insurance/coverage for your child (such as Dr. Dynasaur or Medicaid), please contact CVHS Administration Office at (802) 651-4180, or toll free at 1-800-854-9648 ext. 215.